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Paralympics gets under away

The opening ceremony for the Paralympics was held last night in Beijing. The ceremony was spectacular but perhaps not on the scale of the ceremony for the Beijing Olympics.
Most of the show was performed by people with disabilities, including Li Yue, who lost her left leg in the Sichuan earthquake and performed [...]

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When I wrote the post yesterday on the fake minority children used at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, I said there has to be at least one more controversy to come. I didn’t have to wait for long.
A newspaper from Norway reports that the 2008 Kungfu performers at the opening ceremony, spent [...]


First we had the CGI fireworks at the opening ceremony, then we found out that the young girl singing was actually miming a song pre-recorded by another child and now we discover that the cute children wearing traditional dress and representing China’s 55 minorities were all Han Chinese, the main ethnic group of China.
The Wall [...]


I only heard about this after reading transcripts of the press conference with BOCOG officials.
Liu Yan a classical dancer was seriously injured and might be paralyzed after leaping to a platform that “malfunctioned” during a rehearsal for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.
Zhag Yimou, director of the opening ceremony [...]


Probably not too unexpected, but Business Week has reported that Li Ning’s shares have soared since the opening ceremony.
Li Ning the gymnast won 6 gold medals at the Los Angeles Olympics. He went on to start his own sporting goods company Li Ning.
While strapped to a harness Li Ning did a lap of honor [...]


The Beijing Times has revealed that the footprint fireworks sequence for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, was computer generated and inserted into the coverage too look like the real thing. Beijing’s hazy night skies and camera shake as though it was filmed from a helicopter was even added to the sequence to [...]


I didn’t notice it myself but the boy from Sichuan who accompanied Yao Ming at the opening ceremony, held a small Chinese flag that was upside down. An observant reader of this site noted:
“Why was the Chinese Flag carried by the Earthquake survivor upside down? Traditionally an upside down flag is a sign of [...]