Men's 400m Hurdles

Athletics Beijing Olympics

World Record: Kevin Young, USA, 46.78

Gold medal favorite: Kerron Clement, USA

Venue: National Stadium

Gold, silver, bronze to the US in men’s 400m hurdles

A trifecta to the United States in the men’s 400 meter hurdles.
Gold - Angelo Taylor
Silver - Kerron Clement
Bronze - Bershawn Jackson

10 years ago

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Mens events
200 meters
1. Usain Bolt, Jamaica, 19.76.
2. Wallace Spearmon, United States, 20.27.
3. Paul Hession, Ireland, 20.37.
400 meters
1. Martyn Rooney, Britain, 44.83.
2. Tyler Christopher, Canada, 45.29.
3. David Gillick, Ireland, 45.35.
800 meters
1. Abraham Chepkirwok, Uganda, 1:45.64.
2. Michael Rimmer, Britain, 1:45.76.
3. Marcin Lewandowski, Poland, 1:46.49.
3000 meters
1. Boniface Kiprop, Uganda, 7:36.95.
2. Mike Kigen, Kenya, 7:37.66.
33 Alistair [...]


Usain Bolt shows he is in top form for the Beijing Olympics by winning the 200 meters in 19.76 seconds at the London Grand Prix.
“I came out here with a plan and I did execute that well,” Bolt said. “My coach, no doubt, will tell me what I did wrong. I just came here to [...]


Jeremy Wariner has set the year’s world best time in the 400 meters at the Gaz de France.
He beat his rival LaShawn Merritt who came second.
“I executed the race like I wanted to,” said Wariner, the world and Olympic champion. “Everything is flowing. My finish is strong. It is a great time.
“Now I am not [...]