Cycling Beijing Olympics

Cycling comprises at total of 18 events divided into Track Cycling - 10 events, Road Cycling - 4 events, mountain bike - 2 events and BMX - 2 events. If is the first time BMX is part of the Olympic competition.

Venues: Laoshan Velodrome, Laoshan Mountain Bike Course, Laoshan BMX Field and the Beijing Cycling Road Course.

Gold and silver to France in men’s mountain bike

Julien Absalon won the gold and Jean-Christophe Peraud won the silver medal in the men’s mountain bike, cross country event.
The bronze was won by Nino Schurter of Switzerland.

9 years ago

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Sabine Spitz from Germany has won the gold medal in the women’s cross country mountain bike. Spitz won the world championships in 2003 and won a bronze medal at the Athens games.
Maja Wloszczowska of Poland won the silver medal and Irina Kalentyeva of Russia won bronze.


Latvia’s Maris Strombergs has won the gold medal in men’s BMX racing.
Favorites for the race from the United States, Mike Day and Donny Robinson came second and third respectively.


Anne-Caroline Chausson of France has won the gold medal in women’s BMX racing.
Laetitia le Corguille also from France won the silver medal and Jill Kintner from the United States won the bronze medal.


There’s an interesting article on Bloomberg about how the IOC doesn’t get what BMX is all about.
The BMX does have some spills and jumps, but I have to agree it isn’t perhaps as exciting as what the build up to it was. My suggestion to the IOC would be to get rid of greco-roman [...]


Not all countries have the most ideal facilities to train at. Some African swimmers have to train at hotel pools. For Antipass Kwari from Zimbabwe, he uses game trails to train for mountain biking.
“We follow game trails, or very often the native people walking through the area will have a path from one [...]


Gold medal favorite Shanaze Reade has had a fall in the opening time trials in the women’s BMX.
She seems to have misjudged one of he corners and took a fall. She still managed however to get back on her bike and finish her heat. She grazed her elbow in the fall, but it [...]