Men's Half-Lightweight 60-66kg

Judo Beijing Olympics

Gold medal favorite: Yordanis Arencibia - Cuba

Venue: Beijing Science and Technology University Gymnasium

Japan’s Uchishiba Masato defends his Athen’s title in judo 66kg division

Uchishiba Masato from Japan beat France’s Benjamin Darbelet, with an ippon to win the gold medal in the men’s judo 66kg division.
Yordanis Arencibia from Cuba and Pak Chol-min from South Korea both won bronze medals.

10 years ago

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I can’t believe we are finally away. I am sure it was hard for the athletes competing this morning as the opening ceremony went pretty late. I think it would have been hard for them to sleep with all of the excitement.
There a total of seven gold medals up for grabs today in [...]