Women's Individual Competition

Modern Pentathlon Beijing Olympics

Competition date: August 22nd

Venues: Olympic Sports Center Stadium (running, equestrian), Ying Tung Natatorium (swimming), and the Olympic Green Convention Centre (fencing, shooting).

Lena Schoneborn of Germany wins gold in women’s modern pentathlon

Lena Schoneborn of Germany has won the gold medal in women’s modern pentathlon.
Heather Fell from Great Britain won the silver medal and Victoria Tereshuk of Ukraine won the bronze.

9 years ago

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Sheila Taormina has had her place officially confirmed in the U.S. modern pentathlon team, making her the first woman to successfully qualify for the Olympics in three different sports.
She won a gold medal at the 1996 games in the swimming relay and competed in the triathlon at the 2000 and 2004 Olympic games [...]


Michigan’s most versatile multisport star is about to make Olympic History as Sheila Taormina makes her way to her fourth Summer Olympic Games.
Taormina is the highest ranked female pentathlete in the United States but has a gold medal from the 4×200m freestyle relay which she won at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics as well as competing [...]


Amelie Caze of France defended her world title in the modern pentathlon.
She will go into the Beijing Olympics as favorite for gold in the event. “I have two golds and I need a third… I hope, I wish (for it) very hard,” she said.
Britain’s Katie Livingston came second followed by Aya Medany of Egypt. [...]


Sheila Taormina is going to miss this week’s world championship in Budapest, Hungary, but her coach believes she has done enough to earn a spot on the Olympic team. She is hoping to earn a spot in the modern pentathlon.
It is her third Olympic sport. She won a gold in swimming in [...]