Hadi Saei from Iran wins gold in men’s 80kg taekwondo

Hadi Saei from Iran has won the gold medal in the men’s 80kg men’s taekwondo.
Mauro Sarmiento from Italy won the silver medal. Steven Lopez from the United States won a bronze medal together with Guo Zhu from China.

9 years ago

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Mavlet Batirov from Russia has won the gold medal in the men’s 60kg freestyle wrestling.
Vasyl Fedoryshyn from Ukraine won the silver medal. Kenichi Yumoto from Japan and Seyedmorad Mohammadi from Iran won bronze medals in the event.


The battle is on for the title of who will be the world’s strongest man. After the withdrawal of Iran’s double Olympic champion Hossein Rezazadeh the field has been left open.
The new favorite for the title is 33 year old Viktors Scerbatihs from Latvia.
“Even though the (Iranian) dropped out, there are still [...]


Islamic law requires female Iranian athletes to cover their bodies, even while playing sports. Even though Iranian wear the appropriate clothing, other athletes do not, so female sports cannot be broadcast in Iran. For this year’s Olympics the state run television is trying to press the government to allow the broadcasting of women’s [...]


Iranian weightlifter Hossein Rezazadeh has withdrawn from the Beijing Olympics. He won a gold medal in Sydney and Athens and due to a traffic accident which injured his knee last year, he has been advised by his doctors to avoid heavy activity.
“I am confident that my young friends will be well able to repeat [...]


Drugs in the sport of weightlifting continue to dominate the headlines. Bulgaria had to replace its entire team after 11 athletes tested for steroids. Greece had 11 weightlifters suspended and will now just send 4 athletes to the Olympic Games.
The sport is now facing a serious image problem and some people have even [...]