Men's 3m Springboard

Gold medal Favorite: Kai Qin

China continues its gold run in diving winning the men’s 3m springboard

China continues to dominate the diving at the Beijing Olympics, this time in the men’s 3m springboard. He Chong won the gold medal for China.
Alexandre Despatie of Canada won the silver medal and He Chong’s team mate, Qin Kai, won bronze.

10 years ago

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Troy Dumais won the 3-meter springboard title at the U.S. national diving championships Sunday. Kristian Ipsen finished second.
Chris Colwill and Jevon Tarantino won their third synchronized 3-meter title.
Kaylea Arnett and Michelle Cabassol, two 15-year-olds from Texas, won the 10-meter synchronized platform.


Christina Loukas, earned the second sport on the U.S. diving team winning th 3-meter springboard.
Troy Dumais earned a spot on the team in the men’s 3 meter. It will be his third time competing in the Olympics.
“I’m going to get back in the weight room on Monday morning,” said Dumais, a 28-year-old native of [...]