Women's High Jump

Athletics Beijing Olympics

World Record: Stefka Kostadinova, Bulgaria, 2.08

Venue: National Stadium

Tia Hallebaut wins gold medal in women’s high jump

Tia Hallebaut of Belgium has won the gold medal in the women’s high jump, clearing 2.05 meters in her first attempt.
Blanka Vlasic of Croatia won the silver medal and Russia’s Anna Chicherova won the bronze medal.

9 years ago

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Amy Acuff is the six times U.S. national women’s high jump champion. She recently finished third at the London Grand Prix behind Anna Chicherova from Russia and Nicole Forrester from Canada.
Off the field she has a successful modeling career and has appeared in Esquire’s portfolio of America’s 10 Sexiest Athletes, a 2004 Playboy cover [...]


Mens events
200 meters
1. Usain Bolt, Jamaica, 19.76.
2. Wallace Spearmon, United States, 20.27.
3. Paul Hession, Ireland, 20.37.
400 meters
1. Martyn Rooney, Britain, 44.83.
2. Tyler Christopher, Canada, 45.29.
3. David Gillick, Ireland, 45.35.
800 meters
1. Abraham Chepkirwok, Uganda, 1:45.64.
2. Michael Rimmer, Britain, 1:45.76.
3. Marcin Lewandowski, Poland, 1:46.49.
3000 meters
1. Boniface Kiprop, Uganda, 7:36.95.
2. Mike Kigen, Kenya, 7:37.66.
33 Alistair [...]


Russian pole vault world record holder Yelena Isinbayeva and men’s 800 meter champion Yuri Borzakovsky will lead the Russian team at the Beijing Olympics.
The Russian athletics team has 49 men and 60 women.
Yelena Slesarenko made the team in the high jump and Athen’s gold medalist Tatyana Lebedeva will compete in the long jump and triple [...]