Archery has four events. Men’s and women’s team and individual events. South Korea are very strong, particularly in the women’s events.

Viktor Ruban from Ukrain wins gold medal in men’s individual archery

Viktor Ruban of Ukraine beat Park Yung-mo from South Korea by one point to win the gold medal in Archery Men’s Individual competition.
Bair Badenov from Russia won the bronze medal.

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Reuters has a fantastic story on Im Dong-hyun who is a world champion archer from South Korea who is legally blind.
“He can see at 20 feet what a person with perfect vision can see at 200 feet. That makes Im legally blind.”
“I’ve practiced using glasses before but actually it makes me feel less [...]


Juan Juan Zhang from China has won the gold medal in the women’s individual archery at the Beijing Olympics. I am going to have to check the records, but I think this is the first time South Korea has not won the event.
Sung-Hyun Park from South Korea won the silver medal and Ok-Hee Yun [...]


Following on from the Korean women’s gold medal yesterday in the team archery event, the Korean men’s team also won gold just now.
They set an Olympic record of 227 defeating Italy. China won the bronze medal, defeating Ukraine.
Gold - Korea - 227
Dong-Hyun Im
Chang-Hwan Lee
Kyung-Mo Park
Silver - Italy
Ilario Di Buo’
Marco Galiazzo
Mauro Nespoli
Bronze - China
Lin Jiang
LI [...]


Pretty much as expected Korea is leading the women’s archery. I have written previously as to how Korean archers, particularly the women lead the world.
Standings after day 1:
1. Sung-Hyun Park - 673 points
2. Ok-Hee Yun - 667 points
3. Hyun-Jung Joo - 664 points
1. Juan Rene Serrano - Mexico - 679
2. Singh Champia - India [...]


Anyone making the Olympics team is highly skilled in their Olympic sport. Most athletes are extremely fit and have strict dietary requirements. For some sports however, a strict diet is not so important.
Jay Lyon from Canada is competing for his country in the Archery.
“I’m not much of an athlete, I eat a lot [...]


Archery is said to be for South Korea as table tennis is for China. Korean women hold every world record in the outdoor recurve discipline as used in the Olympics.
South Korea has even made their training center a replica of the venue being used for the Beijing Olympics. Coaches make noise in the [...]