Handball Beijing Olympics

Venue: Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium. Finals will be played at the National Indoor Stadium.

France wins gold in men’s handball

France has won the gold medal in men’s handball, defeating Iceland in the final.
Spain beat Croatia for the bronze medal.

9 years ago

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Norway has won the gold medal in the women’s handball defeating Russia 34-27.
Korea defeated Hungary 33-28 to win the bronze medal.


France defeated Angola - 32 - 21
Hungary defeated Sweden - 30 - 24
Romania defeated Kazakhstan - 31 - 19
Russia drew with Korea - 29 - 29
Norway defeated China - 30 - 23


France defeated Angola 32 - 21.
Hungary defeated Sweden 30 - 24.
Romania versus Kazakhstan is currently being played.


Korean officials believe that they received unfair treatment from Jordanian referees at the Korean-Kuwait men’s handball match in Japan as they lost 28-20.
Members of the Korea Handball Federation are planning to visit the Kuwait Embassy in Seoul, handing in a statment of protest of the referree’s decision making.
Korea will have to win all three of [...]