Beijing National Stadium

Capacity: 100,000 (reduced to 80,000 post-Olympics)

The Beijing National Stadium was purposely built for the Beijing Games 2008. The venue will host the opening and closing ceremonies and the track and field events. Architects Herzog & de Meuron won the competition to design the stadium. It’s appearance of intertwining steel framework has earned the nickname, the Bird’s Nest.

The stadium has cost approximately US$423 million to build. A retractable roof was originally planned in the design, but was later scrapped because of safety and budget concerns. The stadium will include shops and restaurants for spectators.

The stadium is scheduled to be completed in March 2008 and first event to be April’s International Association of Athletics Federations’ Race Walking Challenge. The stadium will also host the 2008 China Athletics Open in May as a test run for the Beijing Olympics in August.

Birds Nest Stadium

Birds Nest

Beijing National Stadium

birds nest beijing

Beijing National Stadium

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