Beijing Olympics

Beijing ticket scammers getting ready for London

The ticket scammers who defrauded people by selling non-existent tickets through the internet are getting ready for the Vancouver and London Olympics.
“I was shocked by the brilliance and hard work of the thieves fleecing the Olympic family — and they are setting up to do the same thing in Vancouver in 2010 and London in [...]

10 years ago

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Day 13 - rain

10 years ago

It’s pouring down with rain this morning in Beijing. The sky is also very dark.
The BMX has been postponed until tomorrow.
The 20 km women’s walk has just started and will proceed in the rain.

I am watching the parade of countries now. The opening ceremony was pretty spectacular. I was kind of busy watching our website, following Twitter and reading comments coming into the site to really appreciate it. I will have to watch it all again at a later stage.
Probably not too surprisingly we have [...]

It’s just 30 minutes to go before the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics starts. China has waited 7 years just for this moment, putting up with the hassles and restrictions - I hope they think it was worth it.
I started this blog 3 years ago, so it is amazing now to think I [...]

President George Bush gave a speech in Thailand today and was critical of China just as he was to enter the country to attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.
“America stands in firm opposition to China’s detention of political dissidents and human rights advocates and religious activists,” Bush said in Bangkok.
“We press for openness [...]

Highlights of the Beijing Olympics will be streamed daily on YouTube to 77 territories where the digital rights have not be sold or acquired on a non-exclusive basis.
The package will include highlights, news, daily clips directed mostly for the people of Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
“For the first time in Olympic history we will [...]

We are proud to announce that our new, free Beijing Olympic medal tally widget is now ready to be added to your blog or website.
There are two ways to add the medal tally to your website. Either by copying and pasting some code into your website, or by downloading and installing a WordPress plugin.
Here [...]