Torch Relay

More guessing as to who the cauldron lighter will be

The Wall Street Journal has an article with suggestions as to who will be the final torch bearer and light the Olympic cauldron. They have a few more suggestions that I did not think of when I wrote this post, is Li Ning.
Li Ning won 6 medals at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, including [...]

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Here is a short video from AP:

We have had a sneak preview of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, but one question, still remains, who will light the Olympic cauldron?
The cauldron has not always been lit at the stadium, at the Winter Games in 1952 and 1960, the flame was lit in the hearth of the home of a Norwegian [...]

Beijing is preparing for the arrival of the Olympic torch arrival back in the capital. The torch is expected to pass the Great Wall and Tiananmen Square. Security will be tight wherever the torch travels after yesterday’s attack deadly attack in Xinjiang.
“The different departments of the Beijing police have taken detailed precautions for [...]

After spending around $7 million on preparing for the Olympic torch relay in the north eastern city of Benxi, the city was struck off the route at short notice.
I am sure the city of 1.8 million were disappointed with the decision.
Read more: Chinese city of Benxi spends millions on no-show Olympic Torch

Associated Press reports that the torch relay passed through Tibet without incident amid tight security. The relay was cut short to just one day, from the original plan of three days.
A few foreign journalist were allowed to cover the event, but Tibet has basically been closed to foreign tourists since the March [...]

According to Xinhua the torch relay will start in Tibet on Saturday, June 21.
Tight security can be expected on one of the more controversial routes of the torch relay in China.