NBC: Is it live or is it taped?

The New York Times blog questions NBC’s practice of screening broadcasts that are live to Eastern and Central time zones are actually taped for Pacific and Western time zone viewers. The feed shown to Pacific and Western time zone viewers still has the “live” water mark shown, even though it is not.
An NBC spokesman [...]

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The Beijing Olympics is proving to be a huge hit for US broadcaster NBC. There has been huge interest in Michael Phelps’ swimming events, the men’s gymnastics and women’s beach volleyball.
An average of 29.7 million viewers watched the fourth night of the Beijing summer Games, about 2.5 million more than during the comparable night in [...]

The opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics attracted the biggest audience in the United States since the super bowl, averaging 34.2 million viewers and eclipsing the Academy Awards and the final episode of American Idol.
It is an impressive audience considering it was a Friday night and it was a delayed telecast.
“It was a magical and [...]

As strange as it seems, NBC delayed the broadcast of the opening ceremony 12 hours so it could be shown to a prime-time audience. Its “Today” show is even pre-recorded, even though they say they are “live from Beijing” according to this article in the Nytimes. With sites available to stream the games, [...]

I found a link on Twitter to a replay of one of tonight’s matches on NBC’s Olympic video service. I made up a U.S. postcode and cable provider and downloaded Microsoft’s Silverlight plugin which you need to watch the videos.
I read so often that you need Microsoft Vista to see the videos, but it [...]

NBC will be broadcasting the Olympics over the internet, but it is only available on the Vista operating system. Veetle is a startup that has free broadcasts of HD quality television.
You need to install a plugin to watch tv on the site, but it works with major browsers such as Firefox, Internet [...]

This post is for the tech geeks - myself included! China will be using IPV6 technology to transmit real time footage of Olympic events to live television broadcasting systems and video streaming on the internet.
Most of the events will be broadcast in high definition. Most internet systems still use IPv4. [...]