Day 2 - Beijing sky and weather forecast

Here is how the sky looks today. There was a bit of rain this morning which even delayed the start of the tennis. The courts are all outdoor. The little bit of rain still hasn’t done anything to change the visibility.

10 years ago

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This weeks hasn’t been a good week for the air in Beijing. It has been hazy all week and Thursday’s prediction of rain just never came. With some luck it could rain tonight, but it didn’t feel that way when I was out earlier.
Some United States and Australian swimmers have reported seeing haze [...]

Not all athletes follow strict, healthy diets. Some enjoy the occasional Big Mac and others like to have a cigarette according to Reuters.
“I’d say 70 out of a 100 athletes in the Olympic village smoke,” said Italian weightlifter Giorgio de Luca, perhaps exaggerating a little.
Beijing has tried to ban smoking at all Olympic venues, [...]

Visibility in Beijing is pretty bad this morning. It looks more like a foggy winter morning. China’s and the IOC’s insistence that the air is safe sounds like what the tobacco companies used to try and argue. I am sure there will be serious cloud seeding done today to try and get [...]

Reporting on Beijing’s smog problems, including controversy over athletes wearing masks people seem to have forgotten that many of the recent Olympic cities have had problems with pollution.
Athens, Atlanta and Los Angeles Olympics all had problems. Reuters takes a look at how each city dealt with it pollution problems. Al of [...]

The United States cycling team arrived at Beijing’s airport wearing black face masks. A spokesperson for the team said they weren’t doing as any kind of protest. “I don’t believe there was any statement trying to be made,” the spokesperson said.
Professor Arne Ljungqvist, chairman of the IOC medical commission, said he believed face [...]

When I talk to friends and family back home, usually the first question they ask is how is the weather or pollution now in Beijing. Last it was spectacular and the best I had seen it in three months. It was as many athletes, officials and journalists were arriving so news got back [...]