Birds Nest

Birds Egg stadium already losing its shine

Only six months has passed since the Beijing Olympics and the Birds Nest stadium which hosted the spectacular opening and closing ceremonies is already beginning to lose its shine.
The paint is peeling and stains have appeared on its famous lattice design.
Accelerating the deterioration of the iconic National Stadium is the absence of a permanent tenant. [...]

10 years ago

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China is still going crazy over last night’s spectacular opening ceremony. Some people are calling it the best ever and wonder how London will even come close at the 2012 Olympic games. You can take a look here at some people’s comments on the opening ceremony. Be sure to leave your own [...]

Here is a list of who will carry the flag and lead their country into the Birds Nest at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The list of countries entering the stadium is in Chinese alphabetical order. It’s an IOC rule for countries to enter the stadium in alphabetical order of [...]

The second rehearsal for the opening ceremony was held last night at the Birds Nest Stadium. Of course, the action inside the stadium won’t be seen until Friday, but there was an impressive fireworks show, with the new stadiums providing a spectacular back drop.

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A Honk Kong Lego Users Group has reconstructed the new iconic Beijing Olympic stadiums entirely out of Lego.
The National Stadium or Bird’s Nest took Ming, an architect by trade over 100 hours to complete.
The swimming center took 120 hours and comes complete will illumination. It is on display in Hong Kong at [...]

I have come across some weird and wonderful stories while blogging about the Beijing Olympics, but this is one perhaps takes the cake. Just as the authorities on cracking down on anything that might embarrass China during the Olympics, including making people cover up their bodies in nightclubs, a Guangdong TV news presenter, Ou [...]

There are some good (but a little outdated) maps of the Olympic Green and the Bird’s Nest stadium on Google maps.
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