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Usain Bolt currently holds the world record in the men’s 100 meters. Former record holder Asafa Powell and Tyson Gay are all potential gold medalists, in this battle for the title of “fastest man in the world”.

Venue: National Stadium

Usain Bolt sets new world record - 9.69

Usain Bolt from Jamaica has set a new world record in the men’s 100 meters - 9.69 seconds and seemed to win it so easy.
An incredible run!
Jamaica - Usain Bolt - 9.69 WR
Trinidad and Tobago - Richard Thompson - 9.89
United States - Walter Dix - 9.91

10 years ago

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Here are heats of Usain Bolt in Beijing for the men’s 100 meters.
Here is the second round run:

First round run:

And just to relive his 9.72 second world record:

Tyson Gay hasn’t even made it to the final of the men’s 100 meters.
Usain Bolt apparently looked like he was jogging when he ran 9.85. It’s a beautiful clear night out in Beijing, warm, but not hot.
I am sure we will see a world record broken tonight!

Usain Bolt looked in top form in his heats for the final tonight in the men’s 100 meters. He ran his first heat in 10.02 seconds.
In the quarter-final he ran 9.92 and he even had time to look from side to side.
He said: “I just ran the first 50 metres. Then I [...]

While I don’t think it will be too accurate in predicting who will win the men’s 100 meter sprint tomorrow night, I thought it would at least be fun to try and predict the results using the internet.
Using Google search trends, which you can compare search trends, Asafa Powell gets 4.0, Tyson Gay [...]

Tomorrow night is the final of the men’s 100 meters. Here Michael Johnson analyzes the top three athletes: Asafa Powell, Usain Bolt and Tyson Gay.
Asafa Powell
(Jamaica) 9.74sec
Strengths are that he is powerful and is fast in the early stage of the race, which leads to his weakness in that he is not a strong [...]

Usain Bolt won his first in round 1, heat 1 of the men’s 100 meters.
He won it in a time of 10.20 seconds. Usain Bolt holds the world record for the event is one of the favorites for the event.