Quotes from IOC President Jacques Rogge

Sounds like he enjoyed it, even if he had a fairly glum look on his face during the opening ceremony.
“That was spectacular. Tonight, the world was able to join in a magnificent tribute to the athletes and the Olympic spirit. It was an unforgettable and moving ceremony that celebrated the imagination, originality and [...]

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The details of the opening ceremony to the Beijing Olympics is being kept secret, but the protocol for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games follows a set of rules as laid out by the IOC (rule 58 of the Olympic Charter). Here is a look at how the opening ceremony should unfold:
Receiving the [...]

IOC president Jacques Rogge has said he has no regrets for having China host the Olympic games, despite the problems that have had to be dealt with in the last couple of weeks. He believes the “magic of the games” will take over.
He compared it to the situation in Athens which struggled to complete [...]

The IOC denies that they did a deal with China to censor the Internet in this press release:
The IOC has always encouraged the Beijing 2008 organisers to provide media with the fullest access possible to report on the Olympic Games, including access to the internet.
In light of internet access problems which were experienced this week [...]

Vice President of the International Olympic Committee, Kevan Gosper says his reputation has been “dented” over the internet issue which has affected journalists working at the Media Press Center for the Beijing Olympics.
Gosper claims he did not know that there was an agreement between China and the IOC to control internet access during [...]

There is a good chance that anything you watch “live” during the Beijing Olympics will have been delayed 10 seconds according to this article in Australia’s Age newspaper.
China’s Olympic organizers have said several times that they are giving complete freedom to reporters covering the games. This included uncensored internet access, but even now many [...]

The International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge has said that he is hoping for the cleanest, most drug-free Olympics ever.
“Let me give them the message both to viewers and to the athletes,” Rogge said. “They must be persuaded that the IOC will do everything that is humanly possible to have the cleanest possible Games.”
Nearly [...]