Yao Ming

U.S. beats China in men’s basketball opener

The United States were too strong for China in the opening match for both sides at the 2008 Olympics, winning 101-70.
Dwayne Wade scored 19 points.
“This is big. I mean, we couldn’t sleep last night, we were restless all day and anxious to get out here and do our thing,” said Wade.
Yao Ming scored 13 points [...]

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I didn’t notice it myself but the boy from Sichuan who accompanied Yao Ming at the opening ceremony, held a small Chinese flag that was upside down. An observant reader of this site noted:
“Why was the Chinese Flag carried by the Earthquake survivor upside down? Traditionally an upside down flag is a sign of [...]

Yao Ming has been chosen to be the flag bearer and lead the Chinese delegation into the arena.
“There were many athletes in our delegation who filled our criteria. After serious consultation we decided on Mr Yao Ming,” Cui Dalin told a news conference.
Liu Xiang carried the flat at the Athens Games. The [...]

We have had a sneak preview of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, but one question, still remains, who will light the Olympic cauldron?
The cauldron has not always been lit at the stadium, at the Winter Games in 1952 and 1960, the flame was lit in the hearth of the home of a Norwegian [...]

Beijing is preparing for the arrival of the Olympic torch arrival back in the capital. The torch is expected to pass the Great Wall and Tiananmen Square. Security will be tight wherever the torch travels after yesterday’s attack deadly attack in Xinjiang.
“The different departments of the Beijing police have taken detailed precautions for [...]

Yao Ming is one of the most famous and highly paid athletes in China with earnings of $56.6 million in 2007. He is also very tall and looks like a giant when stands alongside his Chinese team mates. He is even the current, tallest player in the NBA, standing at 7 feet 6 [...]

Yao Ming looks to be getting back in form after scoring 21 points last night in a match against Angola.
“Yao lets us really put the pressure on the opposition,” China guard Liu Wei said after the opening day of the FIBA Diamond Ball tournament in Nanjing.
China recently recorded a loss to Angola in the Stankovic [...]