Xinhua: Internet speedy and stable - just expensive

There have been several reports of problems with the internet at the media press center for the Beijing Olympics, but Xinhua reports that the service is “sufficient and convenient”.

“I am satisfied with the Internet service here. The price is reasonable and I can be on-line at any time. It’s convenient,” said Cristian Mihai Preda, a photographer working for a Romania sports media.

“My articles can be sent back to editing office very smoothly, and I can go every website I must go, to find the information I need in my reporting from the Internet,” said Ju-Nie Shen Muller, sports editor of the World Journal, the largest Chinese language newspaper in North America.

The cost seems expensive however:

Renting a Broadband IC card or a WLAN from July 25 to August 25 costs 3,500 yuan (500 US dollars), while renting a WLAN plus info 2008 costs 8,450 yuan

Also from Slashdot:

“Working for the Olympics as an IT contractor, I recently moved to the Media Village (where all of the reporters live) and was surprised the there was no free internet. BOCOG (Beijing Organizing Committee of the 2008 Olympic Games) is charging a ridiculous amount of money for ADSL service: for 512/512 it costs 7712.5 RMB (1131.20 USD); for 1M/512 it costs 9156.25 (1342.95 USD); for 2M/512 it costs a whopping 11,700 RMB (1716.05 USD). That is for only one month! For extra features like a fixed IP? That costs an additional 450 RMB (66 USD). I just can’t believe that not only do I have to deal with the Great Firewall of China, but also pay through the nose to use it!”

I suppose China has to get back some of the money for hosting the Olympics. To get internet connected in a private apartment the connection fee is about 300RMB and monthly charge of around 150RMB.

Further update on the internet issue:

Quoting from an interview South China Morning Post did with Kevan Gosper:

“If you have been misled by what I have told you [over the months and years] about there being free internet access during the Games, then I apologise,” Mr Gosper told the South China Morning Post on Wednesday morning in an exclusive interview.

“I’m not backing off what I said. There will be full, open and free internet access during Games time to allow journalists to report on the Olympics.

“But [recently] I have also been advised that some of the IOC officials had negotiated with the Chinese that some sensitive sites would be blocked.

“I would like it all to be open. I am not here to defend the Chinese decisions. I am here to ensure journalists can report on the Games. I am disappointed the access is not wider. But I can’t tell the Chinese what to do.”

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