When a 10 is not good enough in gymnastics

This Olympics will see a new scoring system being implemented in the gymnastics.

The previous system was used for 80 years and was replaced just two years ago, to one which does not have a ceiling. Not everyone is happy however about the system.

On the old system: “It’s simple. People get it, and you don’t have to explain it. Everybody could relate to it. I miss it, and I think other people will, too.”

Karolyi on the new system: “It’s crazy, terrible, the stupidest thing that ever happened to the sport of gymnastics. How could they take away this beautiful, this most perfect thing from us, the one thing that separated our sport from the others?”

Others say it will just take some time to get used to:

“At first, it was very hard to make the transition, but now I think we’re used to it, even though the fans might not be,” said Chellsie Memmel, a member of the United States women’s team. “I do think a lot of people who watch these Olympics might be kind of confused.”

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