USA baseball team going for gold

The US has high hopes for winning gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. It could well be the last time baseball will be appearing at the Olympic Games, so the pressure is on.

On dropping baseball from the Olympic Games, USA Baseball Executive Director and CEO Paul Seiler said, “We are disappointed in the decision of the IOC. One thing that wasn’t really made clear to the general public after the vote is that baseball is still an Olympic sport in 2008, and our focus right now is on having the best Games possible in 2008.”

Everyone involved in baseball is hoping that a good show is put on during the Beijing Olympics, so baseball will be reinstated.

“USA Baseball could not be more thrilled with the roster we have compiled,” said Bob Watson, general manager of professional teams for USA Baseball.

“The roster has a good mix of youth and experience on this team, specifically in Phillips and Gronkiewicz, two players who helped us win in 2006. We’re confident that this team will perform well, and it will only help further our preparation for Beijing next summer.”

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