US softball pitcher Jennie Finch sexier than Anna Kournikova

Jennie Finch Sports Illustrated

ESPN readers have voted softball pitcher Jennie Finch to be sexier than Anna Kournikova. Jennie Finch won capturing 62.8 per cent of the vote with over 200,000 votes cast.

Jennie helped her side win a gold medal at the 200 Athens Olympics. Since Athens, Jennie married Minnesota Twins pitcher Casey Daigle.

She turned down an offer to model nude in Playboy saying, “I’d rather be a role model for young girls.” She also said “muscles on women are beautiful, but my personal decision is to stay away from those things; to stay away from that.”

Although she has appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine.

She will be bringing her son “Ace” to the Beijing Olympics who is just two years old. I wouldn’t be surprised if baseball teams are already offering her son a contract to play.

You can read up more on Jennie Finch on her website and her blog

Jennie Finch Swimsuit

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jean-marc hauptmann - August 4, 2008 @ 2:50 pm

hell yes she is hotter then anna

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