U.S. basketball team ‘biting at the bit’

The United States basketball team are ‘biting at the bit’ to get going, according to assistant coach Mike D’Antoni. The Americans have something to prove after only coming away with a bronze medal in Athens.

The team only prepared for three weeks before the Athens Olympics and this time they have spent the last three years, training for the Olympics.

The starting five will include Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant and Jason Kidd. Their first game is against China on the 10th, followed by Angole, Greece and Spain.

The full team includes:

Carmelo Anthony, forward
Chris Bosh, forward
Dwight Howard, center
Jason Kidd, guard
Tayshaun Prince, forward
Dwyane Wade, guard
Carlos Boozer, forward
Kobe Bryant, guard
LeBron James, forward
Chris Paul, guard
Michael Redd, guard
Deron Williams, guard

Wukesong stadium

Wukesong stadium

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