This months Olympic events in Beijing

While the weather is still a bit chilly in Beijing, the sporting action is starting to heat up. April is a busy month with the first event scheduled for the National Stadium.

April 10 -21 ISSF World Cup Beijing 2008

To be held at the Beijing Shooting Range Hall and Beijing Shooting Range Clay-Target Field.

Official site: ISSF World Cup Beijing

April 16 - 20 Synchronized Swimming Olympic Qualifiers 2008

To be held at the National Aquatics Center. (Can’t wait to check out the new swimming center).

Official site: Beijing Olympic Games Synchronized Swimming Qualification Tournament

April 18 - 19 IAAF Race Walking Challenge

The first event to be held at the Birds Nest stadium. Will they have western toilets installed in time at the stadium?

Further details can be found at: Good Luck Beijing 2008 BBMG IAAF Race Walking Challenge

April 18 - 20 FIE World Championships

To be held at the Fencing Hall, National Conference Center, Beijing. Another new stadium to check out.

Further details: Beijing 2008 FIE World Championships

April 19 -25 2008 Woman’s Basketball Invitational International Tournament2008 Wowen’s Basketball International Invitational Tournament

April 20 Good Luck Beijing Marathon

The marathon will finish in the National Stadium like the real event. Another opportunity to check out the Birds Nest Stadium

Official Site: Good luck Beijing 2008 Beijing International Marathon Race

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news4vip - April 2, 2008 @ 12:00 pm

Japan’s Emperor Akihito and other members of the royal family are unlikely to attend the Beijing Olympics amid concerns here about China’s crackdown in Tibet and other issues, a report said Wednesday.

The Japanese government thinks it is not a good time for a rare royal visit because of the unrest in Tibet, a recent health scare over Chinese-made “gyoza” dumplings and a spat over disputed gas fields, the Sankei daily said.

“We were planning not to ask royals to go even before the gyoza incident (surfaced in January). It is all the more true now that the Tibetan unrest occurred,” it quoted an unnamed government official as saying.

Japanese authorities have confirmed at least 10 people suffered pesticide poisoning after eating tainted dumplings imported from China.

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao invited Emperor Akihito and other royals to the opening ceremony of the August Olympics when he visited Japan last year.

The emperor told Wen then that the government decides on the royal family’s foreign trips, a palace spokesman said.

The foreign ministry said no formal decision had been made.

“Nothing has been decided regarding the attendance of dignitaries,” a ministry official said.

The last trip to China by members of Japan’s imperial household was a landmark visit by Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko in 1992.

China remains deeply resentful over Japan’s brutal occupation from 1931 to 1945, an era in which the Japanese revered Akihito’s father Hirohito as a demigod.

The two countries have recently worked to mend ties, which were strained by former Japanese prime minister Junichiro Koizumi’s annual visits to a war shrine in Tokyo, which Beijing regards as a symbol of Japan’s militarist past.

Chinese President Hu Jintao is expected to visit Japan in the coming months.

[...] Birds Nest will be completed and the first official event will be held there on April 18th - the IAAF Race Walking Challenge. Looking forward to actually being able to go into the stadium to get some pictures. I saw some [...]

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