Thai boxers moved to Vietnam to get away from nightlife

Thailand is not taking any risks with its boxers and has moved them to rural Vietnam to move them away from temptations of Thai nightlife.

The country’s boxing chief Taweep Jantararoj has made the decision so the boxers wouldn’t feel any distractions from family and the media.

“I’m keeping them in Vietnam right up until the Games because I worry about what they will do at home,” Taweep told Reuters.

“They need to know they are not yet the best in the world and have to work hard for their medals.”

Many of Thai’s fighters are former kickboxers who come from poor backgrounds. When they achieve fame and money they often don’t know how to handle it.

Light-welterweight Manus Boonjumnong squandered $600,000 on partying after winning a gold medal in Athens. He later turned to a monastery and is a gold medal favourite for the Beijing Olympics.

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