US Women Sweep Sabre

The United States took the lead in medal count on the first day of the Olympics due to the sweep of the Women’s Sabre event by the trio of Mariel Zagunis, Sada Jacobson, and Rebecca Ward.  Zagunis repeated her gold medal win of 4 years ago by defeating teammate Jacobson 15-8 in the gold medal bout.

Becca Ward also lost to Zagunis in the semifinals and then won a hard fought match with Sofiya Velikaya of Russia to take the bronze medal in a 15-14 victory.

Former US President George H.W. Bush was on hand to witness the historic fencing victory for the United States.

In sabre fencing, the points are scored with hits to the body above the waist as well as the arms and head.  Fencers use light fencing sabres that are connected wirelessly to a scoring system which shows the referee when a touch has been scored.  It is up to the referee to determine the correctness of the hit, awarding the touch to the fencer that begins their attack first.

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