Lions make Zimbabwe mountain bike rider pedal faster

Not all countries have the most ideal facilities to train at. Some African swimmers have to train at hotel pools. For Antipass Kwari from Zimbabwe, he uses game trails to train for mountain biking.
“We follow game trails, or very often the native people walking through the area will have a path from one [...]

11 years ago

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Kirsty Coventory from Zimbabwe has set a new world record in the women’s 200m backstroke, setting a world record time of: 2:05.24.
Margaret Hoelzer from the United States won the silver medal and Reiko Nakamura from Japan won the bronze.

Natalie Coughlin from the United States has won the women’s 100 meter backstroke.
Gold - United States - Natalie Coughlin - 58.96
Silver - Zimbabwe - Kirsty Coventry
Bronze - United States - Margaret Hoelzer

Stephanie Rice has won Australia’s first gold medal in the women’s 400 Individual Medley. She did it in a record time of 4:29.45.
Kirsty Coventory from Zimbabwe finished second and Katie Hoff from the United States finished in third place to take the bronze medal.