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Australia wins gold in men’s 10m platform

Australia’s Matthew Mitcham has stunned China by winning the gold medal in the men’s 10m platform diving. He performed a spectacular 112.10-point in the final round to win the gold. China have won five of the six diving golds at the Beijing Olympics.
China’s Luxin Zhou won the silver medal and Gleb Galperin from [...]

11 years ago

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Frustrated at finishing last in the men’s 10 meter synchronized diving, Tom Daley is said to have opened a rift with diving partner Blair Aldridge.
It started when 14-year-old Daley reprimanded Aldridge for taking a mobile phone call from his mother before their final dive.
Aldridge 26, said the pressure was to much for Daley, but they [...]

Following on from their teammates, Guo Jingjing and Wu Minxia success yesterday in the synchronized diving, Yue Lin and his partner Liang Huo won the gold medal, well ahead of Patrick Hausding, Sascha Klein from Germany. Gleb Galperin, Dmitriy Dobroskok from Russia took the bronze medal.
Thomas Daley at just 14 years old was the [...]

The coach of British diving prodigy Tom Daley has played down the chance of him winning a medal at the Beijing Olympics.
Tom Daly who is just 14 years old is Britain’s second youngest Olympian of all time. He will no doubt gain valuable experience in Beijing which he will be able to benefit from [...]

I always enjoy these kinds of articles because I always learn about a couple of people I have never heard of, but they have high chances of winning an Olympic medal. Here are the Olympian’s eight medal favorites:
1. Lin Dan, China, badminton - Lin Dan is described as the John McEnroe of badminton. [...]

For diving prodigy Tom Daley a gold medal at the Beijing Olympics could be just out of reach and he may have to wait for the London 2012 Olympics.
Daley is yet to learn the ‘Taylor’ dive has a degree of difficulty of 3.8 and consists of back two-and-a-half somersaults with two-and-a-half twists in the pike [...]