Tiananmen Square

Paralympic display in Tiananmen Square

The Beijing Paralympics are just a day away from starting. Here are some pictures from Tiananmen Square which has some pretty impressive floral displays on show now.

8 years ago

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The final leg of the global torch relay started this morning in Beijing. I have already seen giant basketballer Yao Ming run his section.
The first torch bearer was Yang Liwei, China’s first astronaut. The next three days there will be a total of 841 torch bearers. The torch will travel today for [...]

Exactly 50 days to go

8 years ago

It is now just 50 days to go until the Beijing Olympics. I went to Tiananmen Square but there was very little happening. A huge crowd watched the flag lowering ceremony, but there wasn’t much else happening.
There is a huge anticipation for the Olympics, but it would be hard to describe [...]

Time has an interesting story on the problems broadcasters are having preparing for the Beijing Olympics, with the possibility that coverage of the games might be affected. One decision which has irked broadcasters is that they are unable to broadcast live from Beijing’s icon Tiananmen Square.
“For us to potentially not be able to do [...]

The Chinese government have announced tightened security in and around Tiananmen Square. Items prohibited include “guns, explosives, knives and “other items that affect social order and public safety.” Checking of bags at entrances to the square have been in place for some time, but it is only this week that the government has [...]

100 days to go

8 years ago

Today marks exactly 100 days to go until the Beijing Olympics. There was a marathon held at the Olympic Green, but I couldn’t find anywhere online that had the start times for the event. By the time I got there around mid-day, it was all over. I then rode to the Drum [...]

Here is another video I took today at Tiananmen Square. The air was pretty bad today and not a good day for cycling in the capital.