Kosuke Kitajima

Kosuke Kitajima may retire after the Beijing Olympics

Kosuke Kitajima became the first Japanese swimmer to win gold medals in two events in successive Olympics, the men’s 100 and 200 meter breaststroke has hinted that he might now retire from swimming.
“I feel personally that it’s all over now. [The Beijing Olympics] is meant to be my last, and both my team and coach [...]

11 years ago

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Kosuke Kitajima from Japan has won the men’s 200 meter breaststroke in 2:07.64, setting a new Olympic record. He also won a gold medal in the 100 meter breaststroke, repeating his performance at the Athens Olympics.
Brenton Rickard from Australia won the silver and Hugues Duboscq from France won the bronze medal.

Another world record broken as Kitajima takes the gold medal in the men’s 100 meter breaststroke.
Gold - Kosuke Kitajima - Japan - 58.91WR
Silver - Alexander Dale Oen - Norway - 59.20
Bronze - Hugues Duboscq - France - 59.37

Swimming is set to be one of the many highlights of the Beijing Olympics, especially in the two countries that dominate the pool - Australia and the United States.
The events will take place in the new architectural marvel, the ‘ice cube’ swimming center. The swimming finals will be held in the morning so they [...]

United States breast stroker Brendan Hansen has booked his place on the Olympic swimming team and is hoping to beat his rival Japanese swimmer Kosuke Kitajima.
“Now that I am on the team I can relax and do what I do best and use my strengths to my advantage,” Hansen told reporters, after booking his ticket [...]

After Kosuke Kitajima’s world record breaking swim in the Speedo LZR swimsuit, the Japan Swimming federation has decided to allow Japanese swimmers to wear the high-tech swimsuit from Speedo.
Japanese swimmers were previously only allowed to wear swimsuits from Japanese manufacturers: Mizuno, Asics and Descente. Shares in those companies have been down since the news [...]

Kosuke Kitajima from set a new world record in the 200 meter breaststroke on Sunday.
“I feel like crying,” Kitajima said.
“It was a perfect swim and has given my confidence a real lift.
“Of course I’m only thinking about winning gold in Beijing, and if I don’t win gold I won’t come back.”