Paralympics gets under away

The opening ceremony for the Paralympics was held last night in Beijing. The ceremony was spectacular but perhaps not on the scale of the ceremony for the Beijing Olympics.
Most of the show was performed by people with disabilities, including Li Yue, who lost her left leg in the Sichuan earthquake and performed [...]

10 years ago

Other Headlines

First we had the revelation that the footprint fireworks’ sequence at the opening ceremony was computer generated, now the musical director has revealed that the girl who starred in the ceremony, mimed her song and was only on stage because the real singer was not attractive enough, the Age reports.
The girl who appeared in the [...]

The Beijing Times has revealed that the footprint fireworks sequence for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, was computer generated and inserted into the coverage too look like the real thing. Beijing’s hazy night skies and camera shake as though it was filmed from a helicopter was even added to the sequence to [...]

Opening ceremony times

10 years ago

I previously wrote what the Olympic opening ceremony program will look like, but didn’t mention times. Here are some more specifics on the actual times for the program.
8:08 PM Beijing (London 1:05 PM, New York 8:05 AM, Sydney 10:05 PM)
90 minute show featuring 14,000 performers and present China’s long history of 5,000 years. [...]

The free Beijing Today newspaper published an article that there was going to be a practice for the opening ceremony at the Bird’s Nest Stadium this Saturday. Of course it will be impossible to get inside the stadium, but people outside of the stadium should be able to get a good view of the [...]