Sun, sand and bikinis: Olympics sexiest sport

While Beijing’s site for the beach volleyball might be far away from any beach, organizers are planning on bringing a party atmosphere to the event at the Beijing Olympics.

“They have studied all the entertainment programs performed during the season” of the international volleyball tour, said Fabrizio Rossini, a spokesman for the international volleyball federation. “And I’m sure that the level of entertainment in Beijing will be as good, if not better, than the spectacle in Athens.”

Sun, sand and athletes in bikinis and skimpy costumes, beach volleyball is one of the more popular spectator sports.

“When you talk to most guys they say, ‘Oh, chicks in bikinis playing volleyball. Duh! That’s got to work,”’ said AVP commissioner Leonard Armato, the head of the U.S. pro tour. “So it’s obviously a selling point.

“The sex appeal is something that I don’t talk about. But at the same time it’s sort of - what do you call it? - the elephant in the room.”

The elephant in the room? I suppose you can read into that quote whatever you want.

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