Spare a thought for the fuwa volunteers

I am pretty sure that some people who signed up to be a volunteer at the Beijing Olympics, didn’t know what they were getting themselves in for. Directing pedestrians and cyclists with little red flags for 10 hours a day in 35 degree heat, can’t be a lot of fun.

There are a range of volunteer jobs, including dressing up as a fuwa or Olympic mascot.

South China Morning Post has the details of what it is like to be a fuwa:

The suits are so oppressive that volunteers are limited to 15-minute shifts, after which they will climb out, dripping with sweat in Beijing’s 35 degree Celsius heat, and hand over duties to the next eager soul.

Each fuwa ambassador is actually a squad of four people – one in the suit, one pulling a (colour co-ordinated) suitcase full of spare clothes, and two others waiting their turn.

Several volunteers said that even though there was a small mechanism inside the suits that helped circulate the air, they still had a difficult time breathing and after a while they were completely drenched.

fuwa volunteers

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