Some athletes enjoy a cigarette

Not all athletes follow strict, healthy diets. Some enjoy the occasional Big Mac and others like to have a cigarette according to Reuters.

“I’d say 70 out of a 100 athletes in the Olympic village smoke,” said Italian weightlifter Giorgio de Luca, perhaps exaggerating a little.

Beijing has tried to ban smoking at all Olympic venues, but at the Olympic village they have set up designated non-smoking areas.

Asked if smoking hurt his athletic performance, de Luca shrugged and grinned: “I always say, ‘I’m not an athlete, I’m a normal guy with a passion for weightlifting.’”

In a way, anyone living in Beijing is a smoker as breathing in the air has been said to be the equivalent of smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, or “it’s more like living with someone who smokes a pack a day”.

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