Smooth as butter for BMX rider

World champion BMX rider Kyle Bennett is nicknamed “Butter” because his riding style is so smooth.

“My riding style is smoother. That’s why they call me ‘Butter’. My style is laid back like I am,” Bennett said. “If I’m going to pass it’s going to be clean. Some guys are not scared to hit you or cut you off going into a curve.

“I’m just laid back. I try to let my riding speak for itself.”

It will be the first time BMX is included as an Olympic sport and was introduced by the IOC to appeal to a younger audience. They are hoping it will be a success like snow boarding has been at the winter Olympics, bringing with it colorful characters like Shaun White who is champion of the half pipe.

Shanaze Reade from Great Britain is favorite to win in the women’s event. Her nicknames include “Speedy Ready” and “Shindog”.

BMX wil be held on August 20 and 21 at Laoshan Motorcross (BMX) venue.

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