Should Oscar Pistorius be allowed to compete in the Olympics?

Tim Keown believe Oscar Pistorius shouldn’t be allowed to compete in the Olympics. Oscar Pistorius is a double amputee who runs on specially designed prosthetics. He has recently won the right to compete in the Olympics, although has yet to qualify for Beijing.

He argues as follows:

Pistorius is running on artificial legs, wonders of technology instead of flesh and bone. It’s simply not the same.

If a legless swimmer showed up at a meet with carbon-fiber flippers, would that be all right? If a legless high-jumper used spring-loaded Cheetahs, would that be allowed?

The truth is, Pistorius has an event, and it’s called the Paralympics. It’s not an insult to him to suggest that he compete in that event rather than the Olympics. The Paralympians are amazing — usually more amazing than their able-bodied counterparts.

Logically speaking I suppose he is right, but sometimes I believe we get lost in rules and technicalities and forget what sports and the Olympics is all about. The Olympics this year is facing a PR disaster and it disparately needs stories like Oscar Pistorius to bring some positive news to the games.

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