Ryan Lochte celebrates fourth world record

Records continue to be broken at the short course world championships being held in Manchester.

Lochte set four world records and Kirsty Coventry of Zimbabwe set three new world records.

The LZR Racer swim suit continues to prove its worth.

“A world record is a world record,” Lochte said. “It means you’re the best in the world. If you break a world record, you can’t be like, ‘Uh, all right.’ It’s something no one else can do and you should really remember that.”

Other records broken include Markus Rogan in the 200 backstroke, Sanja Jovanovic of Croatia in the women’s 50 back, Felicity Galvez from Australia in the women’s 100 butterfly, Marleen Veldhuis of the Netherlands in the women’s 50 freestyle and Russia in the men’s 400 medley relay.


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