Russia’s Yelena Isinbayeva and her blanket

I only saw the end of the women’s pole vault last night, which was basically just Yelena Isinbayeva trying to break her own record. It was interesting watching her little routine as she prepared for each jump.

She would sit under blanket, doing something, I am not sure what. As she stood on runway each time, she talked and talked to herself. I suppose it is her way of psyching herself up for the jump. If anyone knows Russian, please tell me what she is saying.

She eventually cleared 5.05 meters and celebrated by doing a flip.

“I just like to go under there to get my focus and concentrate,” she said of her duvet. “Sometimes the cameras get close and I don’t like it and that allows me to shut things out.”

Isinbayeva started out doing gymnastics and is a former officer in the Russian army.

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