Russia and Georgia win Olympic medals in… shooting

It’s pretty ironic that two countries in a conflict, win Olympic medals in shooting. Natalia Paderina from Russia won the silver medal and Nino Salukvadze from Georgia took the bronze medal in the women’s 10 metre air pistol. The gold went to China.

“This medal is good for Georgia, especially during times like this,” Salukvadze said. “I am very nervous today. It’s very difficult for my people.”

Georgia had considered going home after the conflict started some time during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, but the IOC have said they will now be staying.

“It’s very difficult for us as Georgians because of everything that’s going on at home. It was nice that Natalia Paderina came up to me after and gave me a handshake,” Salukvadze said. “Yesterday I thought the Georgian Olympic team might withdraw.”

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