Results of the 2007 Taekwondo World Qualifiers

The 2007 Taekwondo World Championship finished yesterday in Manchester.

Here are the final results. Each placed athlete qualifies for the 2008 Beijing Games.

Men’s results:

Weight category: Under 58kg

1. Mu Yen Chu, Chinese Taipei
2. Levent Tuncat, Germany
3. Tshomlee Go, Philippines

Weight category: 58kg - 68kg

1. Son Tae Jin, Korea
2. Gessler Viera Abreu, Cuba
3. Burak Hassan, Australia

Weight category: 68kg - 80kg

1. Sebastien Michaud, Canada
2. Steve Lopez, USA
3. Mauro Sarmiento, Italy

Weight category: Over 80kg

1. Mickael Borot, France
2. Daba Modibo Keita, Mali
3. Cha Dong Ming, Korea

Women’s results:

Weight category: Under 49kg

1. Shu Chun Yang, Chinese Taipei
2. Daynellis Montejo Poll, Cuba
3. Ivett Gonda, Canada

Weight category: 49kg - 57kg

1. Lim Su Jeong, Korea
2. Veronica Calabrese, Italy
3. Premwaew Chonnapas, Thailand

Weight category: 57kg - 67kg

1. Gwladys Epangue, France
2. Hwang Kyung Seon, Korea
3. Sandra Saric, Croatia

Weight category: Over 67kg

1. Kyriaki Kouvari, Greece
2. Sarah Stevenson, Great Britain
3. Ma del Roasario Espinoza, Mexico

For more information on the event, see the website:

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