Preview of day 1 of the Beijing Olympics

I can’t believe we are finally away. I am sure it was hard for the athletes competing this morning as the opening ceremony went pretty late. I think it would have been hard for them to sleep with all of the excitement.

There a total of seven gold medals up for grabs today in five sports and 13 more sports start competition. How am I going to keep up?

The first medals with be in the women’s 10 meter shooting. Women’s 48 kilogram weightlifting will be decided today. Nurcan Taylan from Turkey and China’s Li Zhuo are medal hopefuls.

The men’s road cycling race, 245.4 km long is the longest in Olympic history. It is really going to be a test of Beijing’s air pollution worries. The ride stats at Yongdingmen Gate, south Beijing, takes in Beijing’s famous landmarks and finishes up at the great wall.

Tour de France winner, Carlos Sastre of Spain is favorite to win the race.

In Fencing, Rebecca Ward, Mariel Zagunis and Sada Jacobson from the United States are favorites in the Women’s Individual Sabre.

Two judo finals will be decided today. In the women’s 48 kg class Ryoko Tani is favorite to win her third consecutive gold medal.

Men’s 60kg has 33 competitors. Favorites from the event include: Ludwig Paischer of Austria, Craig Fallon of Great Britain and the Netherlands’ Ruben Houkes.

Other sports on today, include: archery, badminton, boxing, artistic gymnastics, sailing, swimming, basketball, beach volleyball, equestrian, handball, rowing, volleyball and football.


ear - August 9, 2008 @ 10:42 am

In the US we were treated to 12 hour delay iwhilst NBC worked hard to script the inane banter they directed their commentators recite over their high priced programming. And the talk-over descends to the level of McDonalds…I had to take a break…I was shouting to the screen: STFU!!!!

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