Pollution woes for Jessicah Schipper

The 200 meter butterfly world record holder, Jessicah Schipper suffered greatly at the Japan Open last week. The Australian swimmer took up the sport to help her asthma when she was a child.

“I’m just coughing a little bit now. It’s not as bad as it was over there,” Schipper said yesterday.

“I think it was mainly due to the smog and stuff over there. I got a really bad head cold, headache and sinus, and it went down into my chest.

“It wasn’t very pleasant. I guess I will just have to take extra precautions with my asthma medication and just keep on top of it and beat it before it happens”.

Precautions are being taken in Beijing to improve the air quality such as limiting cars and shutting down factories, but questions still remain as to what effect this will have on Beijing’s air quality.

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