Ouch. This isn’t good way to head to the blocks.

The USA Swim Team and the overall swim community was in a big buzz following the swimming trials in Omaha, Nebraska, a couple of weeks ago. But, just as fast as a freestyle flip turn, the buzz has shifted to the negative with the news that a swimmer has departed the training camp due to drug testing results. A banned substance was found, so the news comes, with a test of Jessica Hardy. Hardy, a California swimmer, was slated to swim the freestyle sprint and breaststroke.

The details are yet unclear. But, it isn’t good from any perspective.

The powers that be within the IOC are putting more focus, resources and teeth into the drug issues. The ‘drug war’ is being waged.

Athletes who fail a drug test in Beijing 2008, are going to be suspended for four years. They will not be eligible for the 2012 Olympics in London. Do not expect any more one or two year suspensions. The sit-out period is moving to four years — automatic policy.

Urine samples from athletes in Beijing 2008 are now going to be saved for up to eight years. Additional tests in the future could be done by the labs as new discoveries are made. Perhaps the ‘designer drugs’ of today can foil a test at present. But, the samples taken now will be held in some guys refrigerator for up to eight years. Additional testing into the future, as new tests are perfected, released, made available, puts a new spin on the ’sustainable’ theme for these Olympics.

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