Opening ceremony times

I previously wrote what the Olympic opening ceremony program will look like, but didn’t mention times. Here are some more specifics on the actual times for the program.

8:08 PM Beijing (London 1:05 PM, New York 8:05 AM, Sydney 10:05 PM)

90 minute show featuring 14,000 performers and present China’s long history of 5,000 years. Expect lots of acrobatics, martial arts, dragons, drummers and fireworks. Sarah Brightman will sing the Olympic theme song with the Chinese singer Liu Huan.

9:30 PM Beijing (London 2:30 PM, New York 9:30 AM, Sydney 11:30 PM)

Athletes enter the stadium. See here for a list of flag bearers and the order of countries.

11:00 PM Beijing (London 4:00 PM, New York 11:00 AM, Sydney 1:00 AM)

Olympic flag enters the stadium and athletes sing the Olympic song. The Olympic anthem was written by Kostis Palamas and music by Greek composer Spiros Samaras.

11:10 PM Beijing (London 4:10 PM, New York 11:10 AM, Sydney 1:10 AM)

Welcoming speech by International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge, followed by Beijing Olympic Committee President Liu Qi.

11.30 PM Beijing (London 4:30 PM, New York 11:30 AM, Sydney 1:30 AM)

Olympic torch enters the stadium and the cauldron is lit. Of course who and how this is done is still a mystery.

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