Olympics serves as a distraction for earthquake survivors

I was expecting there would have been more of a tribute for the earthquake victims at the opening ceremony. Yao Ming walked with a boy as China entered the Bird’s Nest, but there wasn’t much else.

The May 12th earthquake in Sichuan Province left “70,000 dead, 375,000 injured, more than 5 million left homeless and as many as 5,000 children left orphaned.”

Rick Maese takes a look at what some people thought of the Olympic opening ceremony in Sichuan.

She used the word “fortunate” to describe herself and all of China to be hosting these Games. At 8:08 p.m., the opening ceremony officially began in Beijing. The national flag was walked through the national stadium in Beijing. More than 900 miles away, a roomful of refugees rose from their seats, staring ahead in a silent awe.

They’d spent three months feeling sorrow; these next couple of weeks are reserved for joy, they say.

“Even the earthquake cannot stop the people from enjoying these Olympics,” said Yang.

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