Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard latest Godaddy girl

Amanda Beard godaddy

Olympic swimmer and Playboy magazine cover girl has joined the team of internet company’s Go Daddy girls.

“No doubt about it, she’s very hot, but more importantly our new Go Daddy Girl is a world-class athlete and an excellent role model,” CEO Bob Parsons said.

“I feel like my personality just meshes very well with everyone that has already joined Go Daddy, so this is exciting for me,” Amanda said. “I’m really excited for the next couple years.”

Amanda Beard has won seven medals at three Olympic Games and is hoping to compete in the next Beijing Olympic games in 2008.

She appeared on the July cover of Playboy magazine posing for a nude spread, where she was dubbed, “the world’s sexiest athlete nude.”

The controversy which is created after appearing in a magazine like Playboy only creates more advertising opportunities.

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