New Zealand Olympic hockey teams named

New Zealand has named its men’s and women’s hockey teams for the Beijing Olympics.

Ryan Archibald will captain the men’s side and the women’s team by Lizzy Igasan.

New Zealand men: David Kosoof (North Harbour), Blair Hopping (North Harbour), Ben Collier (North Harbour), Steve Edwards (North Harbour), Ryan Archibald (Auckland), Simon Child (Auckland), Dean Couzins (Auckland), Paul Woolford (Auckland), James Nation (Auckland), Gareth Brooks (Auckland ), Casey Henwood (Midlands) , Kyle Pontifex (Wellington) , Phillip Burrows (Wellington) , Shea McAleese (Central) , Bradley Shaw (Canterbury), Hayden Shaw (Canterbury).

New Zealand women: Jaimee Claxton (North Harbour), Lizzy Igasan(North Harbour), Krystal Forgesson (Auckland), Kim Noakes (Auckland), Gemma Flynn (Midlands), Kayla Sharland (Central), EmilyNaylor (Central), Caryn Paewai (Central), Tara Drysdale (Central),Anita Wawatai (Central), Beth Jurgeleit (Wellington), Niniwa Roberts (Wellington), Sheree Horvath (Wellington), Kate Saunders (Canterbury), Stacey Carr (Canterbury), Jo Galletly (Canterbury).


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