My trip to the Great Wall of China

It is my second recent trip to Beijing this year and I thought I should get around to visiting the Great Wall of China. I suppose one misconceptions of the Great Wall is that it is one continuous wall across the country. In fact it is made up of several disjointed sections. Badaling is the most popular and crowded places to visit the wall. Other places to visit the wall include Huanghuacheng, Simatai and Jinshanling.

I decided to go to Mutianyu, the second most popular place to visit after Badaling. Rather than taking a tour, I took a local bus to Huairou (11RMB). From there I found a guy who took us up to Mutianyu. He was a nice enough guy and spoke a bit of English, so when he asked if he wanted us to wait a couple of hours to take us back to Huairou, I said sure - total price 180RMB. I didn’t bother trying to bargain him down.

From the carpark we took a chair lift up to the wall. You can probably hike but the views are pretty nice going up. It was a warm Beijing day and the sky was fairly clear. Mutianyu is 2250 meters long, but I suppose I only covered a few hundred meters. The wall is steep in some sections.

As an alternative to going back down the mountain on the chair lift, you can take a toboggan ride. I suppose purists would see the toboggan ride as a bit tacky or tourist, but it was a lot of fun. Our driver was waiting for us and he took us back to Huairou.

We were about to go the bus stop when our driver said he had a “friend” who could take us back to Beijing for 40RMB. The bus would have been 22RMB for two of us. I was a bit hesitant, but then he lowered his price to 30RMB and he was going to take us right back to my apartment, so I was also going to save on the taxi fare from the bus station.

The car was one of those black Volkswagon’s with tinted windows which you see driving around the streets and seem to be favored by government officials. The driver turned out to be a friendly guy and the trip back to Beijing was much more comfortable than taking the bus. He gave me his card if I ever needed a car and driver again.

Great wall of China

Great wall of China

Great wall of China

Great wall of China

Great wall of China

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