Most Chinese knew gymnasts were under 16

There has been some heated debating on whether the Chinese gymnasts who won gold in the women’s all-round were under 16. This article on NowRepublic says that most Chinese knew that the girls were under 16 years of age and some didn’t even know there was an age requirement.

“We always knew they were under sixteen years old,” a group of Chinese students told me yesterday. “We had no idea that there was an age limit for gymnastics in the Olympics. If there really is, then China did break the rules.” We were discussing the real possibility that three members of China’s gold medal winning Olympic gymnastics team did not meet the minimum age requirement of 16 years old to compete. Chinese students and other friends of mine have said that as late as last week, Chinese state run television had admitted that Yang Yilin, He Kexin, and Jian Yuyuan were under sixteen but that “they should be praised for their skills and determination.” My Chinese colleagues tell me that there has been no mention of any age minimum in gymnastics on television in China.

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Brian - August 18, 2008 @ 3:50 pm

“Most” Chinese did not say anythings like that, but we are able to take the conversations from “few” Chinese as evidences.

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